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Reviews for "Valley of Death--_--"

Unreal Soundtrack

this song sounds like it was in one of the unreal games its pretty good but i dont like how you kept some of the stuff realy low melo. personaly i think you should have amped up the sounds to give it like awsome suspensful epic momemts. you could have done alot of them too its a realy good song i realy like it nice job. PEAce


Awesome Absoulutly love it, Kinda send syou into a trance o.o I love all the trippy beats. Would be awesome on my sub! To bad it's late night 10/10 5/5 HELL YEA

Great Track.

Being a fan of Darkstep myself I can agree it has that feel to it. The strings added a real relaxed feel to the song. Very enjoyable song.


Sweet man i loved your music a WHILE back and its been really cool listening to you progress and get better. this is SWEET this is even on my ipod now... :p so is mind of a child i think those are your 2 best tracks. Keep going. Hope to hear more soon. PEACE!

Am I dead now?

I absolutely love the grindey non-melody. Zenon is one of the few artists who make synths sound good, and he ran past the "good" mark about 70 yards back.