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Reviews for "Valley of Death--_--"


keep makin' em


I really like the dark tone.

scary and spooky

i like this gothic tone itz good


Its ilke a creature looming in the darkness stalking its prey.. and ready to pounce at any time.. Thinking to itself that any time the person its stalking could be dinner totally in control. Lovely track Gives off the feeling you were going for. Instruments were freaking great. Good work over all man! Keep on this kinda stuff!


blown away!

omg! very nice on the drum and bass! it had that tempo i just can't describe! And I especially the up and down of the beat. valley oif death indeed. BTW, is that quote from Jarhead?? Tell me if I am right.

PERVOK responds:

Naw dude, I just grabbed it from Google cause I was trying to find an epic ass quote.