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Reviews for "Valley of Death--_--"


This song has too low a score, i'm writing this review only one minute into the song, this is awesome, a little slow near the end, but goes back to a good beat, amazing. i think you should give this song another look at this, put a little more work into it, and try again, cause this could own the top song chart.

It rocks!

The rough bass maked this song really awesome! The upbeat tempo rules too!


Nicely done.


my only complaint is that it gets repeatative in parts with that rough bass. In general its really cool.

I think if that 'rough' bass-ish sound was cut at around 4:00-, and come in at 4:08 to give it a little break that would be nice. But that can be debateable. Its really nice anyway. Really good work.

i like it

i like it alot very nicly done