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Reviews for "Valley of Death--_--"

love it...

like the beat ... rave.. but the suddeness of it... def. fits the name... DL'ed 4 sure

:) love it

Love it please make more,Logan.


Viscous! Dirty! Beautiful! This track and you as well have been added to my favorites. Masterfully done. I love it!

Damn! =O SWEET!

Zenon, and the ''--_--'' thingy, neen seeing those allot lately, and finally i checked one of them out, im glad i did! Finally a new sound on Newgrounds (atleast for me it is) I love it, the effects make your speakers go crazy, and the beat i presume is ''Hand made'' so thats really just amazingly done man! i love this song!

I like the intro, where you add one and one thing at a time, and the first note you struck with that REALLY high pitched (violin?) was great, creepy sounding and then adding the more harmonic note after that was good, and then you came to my favorite part of this song, slowly adding the beat, and that fast melody on top that just tops it all, great work =] I like the percussions used, they add an original feel, and really helps the song! i will download this forsure, and favorite both IT and YOU! =D ZENON FTW!!!

As said earlier the effects are great, i have never heard them before, and hearing some new effects instead of those overrused FL presets is really nice, MAYBE they are FL presets (i really really really REALLY doubt they are) but then you did good at making them better thats for sure! Seriously, this song is just so great, the strings you blend in from time to time creates a harmonic feel from time to time, and gives the listener some time to breath...

Great job on the construction, the length is something i should say is positive, making this long songs is hard as hell, but i stayed interested and my foot was tapping all through! that is great!

Awesome transitions, that you automate some cutoff filters (if that is what you do) upwards really fast, to make it into an FX, is a great add to the song, and makes it sound proffesional, to proffesional to still be on newgrounds!

All in all, this is a really really good song, which deserves it plays, and deserves every 10/10 out there, amazing!

Current Score
4.43 / 5.00 (+ 0.0016)


Keep it going dude!


PERVOK responds:

Too professional for Newgrounds? Man, no matter how good I ever get, I'll always find time for Newgrounds :) Thanks for the review, and the favorite man!

(Oh, btw, I don't use FL presets. I make nearly every sample I use and definitely every synth)


all drum and bass songs seem the same, you seem like a good artist, try and branch out a little

PERVOK responds:

I do, man. Look at the huge song list.