Reviews for "TMS2 #21, 22, and 23"


XD Once again Psy, you never cease to amaze me. Or make my ribs hurt.

While the 3rd one was a bit TOO insane, even for my taste, I love the whole thing.

Can't wait for the next one!

Thank u psy

I love Fireball20xl! I love your Comics and i love your art!! Im impressed with everything youve been doing! Nice work on these videos man! OH and i gotta mention that TMS2 #23's sound was pretty bad because Doubles voice was very noisy. BUt still i give u hell of a lot of credit.

Mmmm, the pepper of Dr. Drink!

In case the summary didn't give you a hint, I loved the 3rd episode. I can say this much: random insanity is both your area off expertise and your ticket to success (as proved by Double's face stuck in the DP cup).

As for the other 2 episodes, they are respectively funny, but not as funny as the 3rd one. Keep up the good work.


i love all ur flashes but this is probubly my favorite. keep up the good work. p.s. i like the part where u get socked by knuckles a.k.a. fists.

Oh Yeah!!!

TMS2(C) is your best comic psy I kinda miss it though oh well.