Reviews for "TMS2 #21, 22, and 23"

She's not yer sister when she wears the mask...


The pepper of Dr. Drink.

Finally, someone that likes DP as much as I do.

Good job, Psy.


I must say that I really liked your drawings, nice colors. Also very good voiceacting and an ok plot. The problem with your flash is that it is, as you mentioned, to little animation. Maybe that's your style, but your flashes would be so friggen cool if they were animated better, and also, had some more action.


good job on that peice of work you should make more like it like a sequel or something ^_^ ok then bybybybybybybybhyybyyb


Dont think i can top the last review @_@ I will say that was really cool though ^_^

Here we go...

Let's begin...
I have been a fan of Psyguy since the beginning of 2002. It all started when a friend of mine asked if I read sprite comics. I said no, and he gave me a link that lead straight to the first issue of TMS. Wow. I'll even throw in a "Ba-Damn". I was hooked. Now I find myself logging on to the site atleast twice a day. Yea...good shit. Anyway, onto the review.

Before I begin, one thing. I don't know if Psy's art is based off of his actual skills, or just his style of drawing. Either way, however, it is good. Art isn't based off of "Oh, look. A curve is missing. Doom." or "That needs to be shaded more." It is based off of how the person drew it to THEIR liking. Not yours. Yes, you are entitled to your own opinion. But still, learn to relize that Psy is most likely drawing to what HE likes. As for the graphics on TMS2!, I see nothing wrong. It is his drawing style, and I like it. My opinion. There? See. That wasn't so hard. Maybe a little more animation to spice it up. I'm not talking about moving mouths or characters running around. This is a talking comic after all, not a movie. But yea. Just a little animation like in the background or something.

For the sake of the maximum character limit, I'll say just this.

It's Psy's style. Shazam.

I find myself almost shitting in my pants because of the voices. I like the fact that Psy uses only once person (himself) to make voices of most of the characters. It show's his creativity.

Simply Fists getting shot in the head, so nothing much to say here.

Ah yes, now to the big one. Psyguy has a sense of humor. We all know this. Be it a sense that sometimes scares, irritates, or makes us laugh. It's Psyguy. Come on. I loved every bit of humor in these comics. Hell, I even wanted to take the time to pause the flash (which was rather hard seeing my mouse hates me making it hard to get to the button in time) to see the hidden messages in TMS2! #22.

All in all, I found this to be a very hilarious and enjoyable TALKING COMIC. (All caps to try and knock some sense into you idiots that say its a movie).

Keep up the good work, Psy.