Reviews for "TMS2 #21, 22, and 23"

Also hilarious...

Did you ever notice that your character's voice sounds like Foamy from Neurotically Yours?


(To ixixixixixixixixixix)
It's part of a storline what the fuck's your problem?

hoyl fuk psy u did it agen

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spygay er psyguy u r da funiezt persens evr i swar. dude u r so fuxin funney ur hole site iz hilaries i luv u. u r like jesus cuz he died 4 ur sinz an he gav us da bred of hiz body lol.

Great material, but-

Another work of art psy, but I think that the voice acting is a little lax, its all you changing the statistics of your voice and another person or two who provide a character you could not provide yourself. The file overall is very creative, I would like to see another one like this for future TMS2s