Reviews for "TMS2 #21, 22, and 23"


That was cool. I never liked anything more than to see Sonic turned into a human. Does this mean he has lost his powers or has his powers weakened? Anyway this is one of my personel favorites and I give it a 5 rating vote.
Keep up the good work.

Hilarious, as per usual!

#21's my personal favourite. The line "Dude...that name sucks. Like, if there was some sucking, that would do it a lot and cuz it sucks and it's dumb and stupid" is the funniest part by far. Excellent work, Psy. Who'd have thought that by now they'd be even further subtracted from Sonic & Co.?

Wheefun n' stuff

Yes, Psy does rock. Hard. Harder than...stuff...that's...hard...and stuff...*ahem*
It was funny, of course, and even the outtakes were awesome. As for me, I'll keep trying to talk and scream the way he does. I wish I could do even just that, never mind all the awesomeness he does.

Mmmm, the pepper of Dr. Drink!

In case the summary didn't give you a hint, I loved the 3rd episode. I can say this much: random insanity is both your area off expertise and your ticket to success (as proved by Double's face stuck in the DP cup).

As for the other 2 episodes, they are respectively funny, but not as funny as the 3rd one. Keep up the good work.


that was so damn frikken cool! make more and you could be the next king of the portal!