Reviews for "TMS2 #21, 22, and 23"


The flash-movies weren't that good, but the out-takes actually where good... :D

Ok people! Move along! Nothing to see here!

Sonic as a human? I've seen that before a long time ago in some guys fan art for an Archie comic. I still don't like the voice acting by the way. I don't like the art either. "Speed?" The name has been taken. (Speed racer) Double? Shade? Fists? I see nothing original or funny.

Your Sonic flashes are great.

All of your Sonic related flashes are very well done, and I like the voices. Especially Knuckles'. "Testing testing... OK ok OK." Ha hah ah ahah. Keep making "Thats My Sonic!"

Oh Yeah!!!

TMS2(C) is your best comic psy I kinda miss it though oh well.


i love all ur flashes but this is probubly my favorite. keep up the good work. p.s. i like the part where u get socked by knuckles a.k.a. fists.