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Reviews for "The Final Dump"

Strange... Yet enlightening,

This has got to be one of the strangest portal entries I have ever seen. However, it's also one of the funniest. It's not exactlya well-thought-out plot, but it was great for doing what it was trying to accomplish - complete obscenity.

Fucking funny...

What the hell??? That was funny as hell! Keep up the good... well sick work.

What Can I Say?

Utterly disgusting, but strangely funny... Is this just me? Judging from the other reviews, I think not!


GREAT JOB! Funny Funny Funny!

Fuunt shit(literally)

I started watching this with my little sister,(she is 9 by the way).We both laughed so hard.It was just wrong.Very well done.My sis says it was disgusting,but laughed so hard.