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Reviews for "The Final Dump"


Nails!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Hey, if CrookedScepter claims to have made this movie then why would he give it an overall of 6 - the dumbass!

I never want my shit to be covered in nails Ugggh

This SHIT was funny lol

Rating: 8.5(Fantastic)

EEYOWCH! That's got to hurt! My idea of Hell now is a place where you are force-fed nails all the time, so it's extremely painful to take a dump - right up there with the small enclosed space with a fat guy with a horrible gas problem. (See the flash "Interviews in Hell" in the Religion collection.) I laughed very hard when, showing the bag of nails and the bag of chips, it said "WRONG BAG RETARD!" It was also very funny when the guy got up, reached into his butt with his BARE HAND and pulled out his spiked shit. The only possible downfall here is the comparatively mediocre artwork.

+ Shit full of nails has got to hurt!
- The artwork isn't the best

Very funny

`You should make another, like 'THE FINAL PISS' or somethin'. Agin, good work.

Serves im right 4 eatin needles!

If you look in a birthday card-THE ODD SQUATS BIRTHDAY GUIDE TO POO-there s the Fireball, the jaggy-what this guy got-the Sticky, the Slippy and the Steamy Heapy-really good-I'd give it to this idiot.