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Reviews for "The Final Dump"


Heheh that was great. Good cuts and nicely animated body language. Keep it up.

PRETTY FUCKIN FUNNY "www.mp3.com/pestisdominus"

I like it Ilike it!

Are you fucking Kidding me!?

Thats even worse than the squirts I had in school with all that Pizza Hut pizza, with apple juice... It was a dare K :) AND The bell rang just when I had it... FUCKED!!! :O


That's pretty sick but funny sorta of...

LMAO! (Laughing My Ass Off!)

That's the funniest thing I've ever seen. But it didn't really make sense... how could you possibly mistake nails for potato chips?

smokeshow responds:

man it's easy... the same way you mistake rusty razor blades for peanuts !!! whats the problem??? ehhehe