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Reviews for "The Final Dump"

Me too

Yeah um i often have bags of nails sitting on the table next to my chair. Oh and thatnks for that "Wrong bag retard" thing because i tohught he meant to eat the nails. And i dont understand how someone can shove their hand up their ass and crab a piece of crap with nails and have it hurt less when their hand is wrapped aorund it then if it was coming out of their ass. Oh and the sounds where annoying and the animation was crappy (get it) seriously tohugh it sucked save your time and not finish the other one.

smokeshow responds:

Oh goodie I get to burn this guy:

ehhehe your one of those people with no girlfriend and no friends because he can't take a joke right?? ehhe yes I know the one... the gay uncle fucker that has to disect every little joke and never laughs,
ehehh well listen here sonny I'm not gonna make animations of 2 guys faggen out just to please your ass!!! Just cause you were fucken your dog raw and got limp after you saw my "shit" movie doesn't mean you gotta cry all over my nice review section ehehehhehe
and just how would it have been funny if those nails weren't on the table there boy??? huh? ahah and also try not taken things so seriosuly of course if it was real life he wouldn't reach up and grab it... boy are you a genius for figuring that one out hehehe what are you a scientist wholy shit I'm impressed!! NO... if you were real smart you'd know he would've DIED when the nails coroded in his stomchae from tetnus you retard!! Ehehhe hmmm... damn I can't think of any other burns.. I know I'll think of em after I post this ... thats what pisses ME off heheheh

That was odd...

We... we really didn't need to see that... really...

smokeshow responds:

ehhehe we??? Why do you reffer to your self as "we" ahahha the voices in your head??? Okay suit yourself... (psycho)


thats fucking wrong


I pressed the play button, then a picture of some weird looking guy on the toilet appeared....nothing else happened after that...I checked my sound, I restarted the movie....
but nothing happened except just a picture of a weird guy on a toilet....thus.....this movie is crap, do not watch it, it is a waste of time.


What a dumbass eating needles