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Reviews for "The Final Dump"

this sux

who wants to watch a fukin constipated guy take a shit. not me. dont come out with anymore of these stupid pices of shit!and 1 more thing i think u should see some1 like a psyciatrist.

smokeshow responds:

HEY... HEEEY!!! I warned you at the beggining asshole hehehe I hate goody goodies that don't know good shit when they see it hehehe

uhhh no

potty humor sucks


ya...uhhhhh all i have to say is.....um.... just call 1-800-U NEED HELP

i agree with buhhy

i gave this a 1 haha get it? this makes poop look good haha
the animation is decent though


disgusting and wierd... its also interesting that u managed 2 sneak a ballsack in a E rated movie

smokeshow responds:

This was made way before the rating system was in place.