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Reviews for "The Final Dump"


never make another movie again...
you suck

smokeshow responds:

You just gave me new motivation my friend.... I'm gonna make it my new life motive to make 1 movie every day just to piss you off!!! 1 A DAY.. YOU HERE THAT??? MABYE 2

Not all that great

...Could you think of anything more disgusting? ...although it did have its moment's ...but I have seen better..alot better.

smokeshow responds:

WOW... REALLY??? You've seen a guy eat acid dipped rusty razors and shit them out??? ehehhe you must tell me all about it... ahahha

Just horrible

The graphics and sound sucked. It was barely funny. All I have to say is, eating nails and shitting them hurt. I know...believe me.

smokeshow responds:

hehe not funny?? this coming from the guy whose personal saying in his public info is quote: "if anything in the world is funny, it would have to be a fart." hmmm oh I see your obbssessed with poo... and this movie turned you on and you got disgusted that you got turned on by the movie and went into denial and decided to push it far into a black hole in your concious and right a shit review heheh I see how it works my friend... very well!


This didn't make poop look good. shitty animation(no pun intended), crappy story, not really funny at all, and just stoopid alltogether!

Like the rating system says...

"This makes poop look good." Nail-encrusted poop, at that.