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Reviews for "°{SSBB - Ridley Metalized}°"

This is how I like metal

Very nice!
Why would you add any orchestral stuff?
[yeah someone who knows how to spell awesome]

Son-Of-Dime responds:

I would add any orchestral stuff because without that this track is very poor. I mean without intereset.
TY !

really nice

that about sums it up... yeah i tired doin a little of lucas and ness theme but it's really short lol

Son-Of-Dime responds:

Thanks you sweeeet : )


You are pure badass motherfucker. Wish I did some orchestration.
Awesome. Drums have lots of compression, like it man. 5'd it.
Wicked stuff, son.

Son-Of-Dime responds:

Thanks for the awesome review, fucker. Keep on rockin' father. \m/

LOL and good

this was pretty good and except for the one below me you put thanks a lot man or thanks alot dude that was funny keep doing what your doing cause your doing awsome 5/5 and i don't hand those out alot (i'm a dirty lier i hand them out alot but yours deserves it)

Son-Of-Dime responds:

"thanks a lot"


The song sounded very powerful with the guitar! The drums were perfect and it had a nice rhythm! You did an extremely good work, Son-Of-Dime (Sonofkirk)! 10/10 5/5

Son-Of-Dime responds:

Thanks again bro, it's awesome to read all your review !