Reviews for "Strategy Guide Ep. 1"

nice work

Excellent animation. Guido's voice is very annoying, but otherwise the sound quality is good. In fact, everything about the movie is good, except Guido, who is just plain irritating. Good work.

As for a game to be done in the future, Startropics. This game rivals even Legend of Zelda for 'best NES game ever'.

Needle responds:

The voice actor is my roomate, and he pretty much talks like that all the time. So if you thought that was annoying, imagine how I must feel!

Hehe, but in all seriousness, I'm sorry you feel that way. We do our best to get only the highest quality in voice talent. It sure beats some 13 year old trying to imitate a grown man by whispering his scream into a microphone.


i luv nintendo. pretty funny. i like the voice. just the right amount of time for one of these movies.

hahaha that was great

ha ha ha poor dude's so old school he dont know N-Gauge is shit! lol, you could buy a ps2 and a gamecube for that much! well anyways keep up the good work, cant wait for next episode!

Needle responds:

Holy shit! Someone FINALLY got the N-Gage joke! :D

Gradius Rocks

Thanks for making that movie. You made another human laugh today.

Need old Nintendo games MMMMMMMMmmmm nintendo

You need to have Super Mario Bros.
lol pimping NES. I give this one 3 splats out of 5