Reviews for "Strategy Guide Ep. 1"

loved it

any true old school or new school gamer will laugh. great sound, great animation, great everything.

that was great

to the idiot name IR0NLIONZION the fucking alien looked nothing like invader zim so what it may sound a little like invader zim and who said he doesnt have a life asshole...anyway i thought it was great who gives a shit about one little fuck that says you shop at hot topic and that you dont have a life...and who doesnt shop at hot topic that store kicks ass but hey i like it so who cares about that little fucktard?

love it!!!

can you do Metal Gear next?!? if you do, you are God, lol, thanks for a great toon!!!

man this movie rocks

MAN keep up the good work.. nice with the C :P


If you only could make one of these every week like the "You are a Fucking Moron" series... IT would be great!