Reviews for "Strategy Guide Ep. 1"

Old School

That was kick ass man....You went back old school gaming...every cool man....Almost makes me want to take out my Nintendo and start playing it again......Keep it up man...

Needle responds:

If I made you want to play your Nintendo, then my job here is done! :)

too kool

woah dude to kool man...this site should have more stuff like this and less shit made by some fuckin loser...anyways like the other dude said u should totally make this into a series


Seriously, this needs to be a really long ongoing series.

Man you should put more games man.

This was great man just wanted to know if you could play like the sega the old one though that comic zone, golden axe, and others. Not just sega the NES and the SNES too. Well just wanted to know man up to you.

Nice work...

Oh man this has to be one of the best flashes I've ever seen. Really good work man...I enjoyed it. Hahaha how true the old games rocked...ah the good ole days...*sigh* But keep the nice work. Looking forward to more.