Reviews for "Strategy Guide Ep. 1"


Good toon dude! Wow! U must be one of the elite who own a N-Gage like me. Doesn't it make u feel special? BTW N-Gage is a big let down in my book.

It was pretty good.

I liked it, but wtf!!! Why did you make guido buy an n-gage?????

Any self-respecting gamer should KNOW that that thing is a total piece of shit and should be avoided at all costs and treated like it's not a system, but some sort of terroristic disease!!!

Needle responds:

Guido loves his old games, so naturally he's oblivious to what's popular when it comes to modern gaming. I do agree that no one should EVER buy a Nokia N-Gage. :)

Make a series

You need to turn this into a series. Review more games.

Super Mario Brothers
Legend Of Zelda
Dragon Warrior

I hope to see more of these series

loved it

any true old school or new school gamer will laugh. great sound, great animation, great everything.


Wow,that was really kool,the animation owns,and the sound rulz xD......u should make more my friend,and Guido should practice more.