Reviews for "Strategy Guide Ep. 1"

OMG this is crunk

I loved everything: from the accent to the cow to the fucked up code and all the stuff in between to.PLEEEEEEESE make more

that was bitchin!

lol that was so awsm!!! i know what its like too to play an old nitendo game their so hard and you die pretty easy!!! anyway that was pretty good keep up the good work!!

I know where Guido is comin from.

YAH blast them codes. SHit. Dammit they made those codes back then really hard to execute. Well great job. I love this.


Funny shit man. You gotta have him review Castlevania though. Crazy lil alien trying to make Mr. lead-ass Belmont jump over a gap, or not get hit by a medusa head and fall off the screen. Oh, and if you could get the actual screens of games instead of your art, even though it is pretty. That'd be cool

Needle responds:

Castlevania is in consideration for episode 2, however we're a bit adverse to doing two konami games in a row. If not next time, then definitely down the road Cstlevania will be done.

My "gradius art" is mostly just me tracing over actual sprites... there are lots of sprite spoofs on the portal these days and I really wanted to do something to separate this from the others. I do appreciate your feedback though!

Good job, man.

I loved it.

Maybe you could do a really awful game next time. It's usually more funny to bash shit than it is to praise it.