Reviews for "Strategy Guide Ep. 1"

fucking funny

thats was great 9i have never laught that much in my life ,
plez make more!

Ahh, nostalgia..

Dude, that ROCKED.. I myself am not old enough to remember Gradius in particular, but even so, it brought back memories of many other "ancient" NES games I played back in the day.. Anyways, could you make an episode about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3? That'd be cool. Thanks!


Damn this is great!
I want more!
Do it.... DO IT!!!!!

Job well, done, hope to see more!

THAT WAS AWSOME!!! I love video game shows like x-play. I really want to see more of these!


haha that was awesome dude keep up thr good work.