Reviews for "Strategy Guide Ep. 1"


best part was the beggining, about his cow


kick ass dude, if there was a higher rating than 5, this would get it, duuuude u have to do FF1 or kirby... i know those r played out on NG, but id love 2 see wut u'd do with em...

ggoooooooooood shit :)


Will you make more??
Cuz this was awesome...
The voice was perfectly understable,the music was cool
The graphics were sweet!
Hope you make more!

--Archile,the real FLAME!--


Sweet! That was some awesome flash! And Guido's voice was kick-ass!! Are you going to do more? Use a Zelda game or Star Fox! Thanks man, that was awesome!

ha n-gage lol

That was pretty kool ,man i cant wait to see more. I like many others have a request , Super mario brothers 3 please