Reviews for "Strategy Guide Ep. 1"


Kick ass flash. Old nes games are the shit. And graduis ahhhh yes the hardest ever flying game made. *growls* MOA HEAD OF DEATH DAMNIT!!!. *ahem* any how yeah i agree with dude metriod or some of the other cooler games. later

Very impressive

This flash really roked!
The great thing about it is that so long as theres still nes games available, you cant really run out of ideas, speaking of wich, it be nice to see a review of.. let's say Metroid? Castlevania? Dragon Warrior1?

Can't wait to see more.


If you only could make one of these every week like the "You are a Fucking Moron" series... IT would be great!

good work

Lol im a youngster allright cuz i didnt know what the fuck u were talking about :p. good work again.


Man, that brought back some memories. Great work.

And for all those wonderng the Konami code is, I believe, up up down down left right left right B A B A Start