Reviews for "Strategy Guide Ep. 1"

Guido's awesome.

Thanks for starting such a great series. Guido is funny as hell.


thanks for bringing strategy guide into the world. Heres to lots more of it!

Verra nice

I absolutely love the premise of your series, it's really good and brings back fantastic memories. I do have a request, I guess you've gotten like 1,000 or so of these thus far, but I'd like to see the Dragon Warrior series reviewed. They were some of the best games ever put out by the NES and set the stage for future RPGs like Chrono Trigger and the Final Fantasy series. Speaking of Final Fantasy, the original game wouldn't be that bad either. (although it'd be tough not to bite off of 8-bit theater's ideas)

Needle responds:

I'm sure I'll get around to both Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy eventually. I'm mostly waiting until my cartoons reach a wider audience before I do games that large masses of people are familiar with.

And yes, I'd have to be very careful about staying away from clich├ęd 8-Bit Theater jokes, which would make writing a Final Fantasy script rather difficult! But it will happen eventually...

That was the best

Hey man keep up the good work, when are we gonna see Mario or Zelda SGs? If you could please make a game, that would be really bitchin

Needle responds:

I will eventually do the "Big Name" games like Mario and Zelda, but I need to meet two personal requirements before I do them:

1.) I need to expand my audience. I want as many people as possible to see those particular episodes.

2.) I need ideas for those episodes that will truly blow people out of the water. I want people to watch them and suffocate, because they were laughing too hard to breathe. :)

Give it a few months, and we'll see what happens!


Lovin it, keep em comin. How about reviewing Donkey Kong?