Reviews for "Soldier tom I: Showtime"


for your first time i was was really looking forward to making fun off this

then i watched it

and i couldnt

i count find anything wrong with it

it was just good


Magwai responds:

whaha well thank you :D


for your first animation that was awesome, i gave a 5 on that, good job on the sounds too

Magwai responds:

thanks man, keeps me going


just one question why is he invading the base that is the only thing i dont get so be creative and come up with something

Magwai responds:

whaha that all comes out in part 2... well actually im working on a new serie, sort of the same, but with a storyline, and kewler animation... voices etc... thanks

Pretty good.

The slow frame rate and lack of character depth are the only thing keeping it from being a bright shining star of a flash movie. Other than that it is definately pretty fucking cool, man.
Good luck

Magwai responds:

hey thanks, the framrerate is only 8 fps :P but i couldnt use more because Swish doesnt supoort sound syncring really frustrating to work with sounds in swish... :s but thanks!

Not good...But not bad...

This definitely isn't the greatest movie I've ever seen... But put it this way, you did better with a shitty program than some people can concauct(sp?) with the most expensive. You've a future if you work with it.

Magwai responds:

hey thank you, really looking forward to work with flash, i got a alot of ideas but no progs to create them :S