Reviews for "Soldier tom I: Showtime"

i'm impressed

jeez, you get out of even more animation than the 'madness' guy by not even having bodies, let alone arms or legs heh heh. 'sok though, that's your style and i dig it. i've seen that swish program, and i thought you did really well with your limited resources. you should be proud of that music, it was sweet. i also see that you have an eye for the cinematic. when you master flash mx, you'll be a force to be reckoned with, says i.

Magwai responds:

hey thanks, really kewl! i really cant wait till i can use flash mx properly... but thanks again for your review, keeps me going :)


...maar een beetje langzaam en daardoor ziet de actie er een beetje slap uit, beetje verhaal erin krijgen zou ook niet verkeerd zijn maar daar kom je vanzelf wel aan toe, je hebt hier zeker een cool begin neergezet.

oh ja.. t amerikaanse leger gebruikt een M-16, geen AK-47.

Magwai responds:

heeejz thanks samstar... ik weet dat langzaam is... kan niet sneller met swish en gluid.. enne hij is niet van het amerikaanse leger, hangt alleen een poster :P thanks mang!

not a lot of point but looks promising...

plus I ympathise I'm just learning flash MX meself but haven't had the guts to put anything up yet! But didn't you're ,main character blatantly fist one of the guards towards the end?? watch and see...


for a first flash its not bad, but deffinately could use some improvement. a little more detail on the guns and stuff, and a little more realism, i liked the characters, they had a unique body style, it was invisible.

it could have been better but it was good

it could have been better but it was good for a first animation