Reviews for "Soldier tom I: Showtime"


for your first time i was was really looking forward to making fun off this

then i watched it

and i couldnt

i count find anything wrong with it

it was just good


Magwai responds:

whaha well thank you :D


for your first animation that was awesome, i gave a 5 on that, good job on the sounds too

Magwai responds:

thanks man, keeps me going


just one question why is he invading the base that is the only thing i dont get so be creative and come up with something

Magwai responds:

whaha that all comes out in part 2... well actually im working on a new serie, sort of the same, but with a storyline, and kewler animation... voices etc... thanks

Pretty good.

The slow frame rate and lack of character depth are the only thing keeping it from being a bright shining star of a flash movie. Other than that it is definately pretty fucking cool, man.
Good luck

Magwai responds:

hey thanks, the framrerate is only 8 fps :P but i couldnt use more because Swish doesnt supoort sound syncring really frustrating to work with sounds in swish... :s but thanks!

i'm impressed

jeez, you get out of even more animation than the 'madness' guy by not even having bodies, let alone arms or legs heh heh. 'sok though, that's your style and i dig it. i've seen that swish program, and i thought you did really well with your limited resources. you should be proud of that music, it was sweet. i also see that you have an eye for the cinematic. when you master flash mx, you'll be a force to be reckoned with, says i.

Magwai responds:

hey thanks, really kewl! i really cant wait till i can use flash mx properly... but thanks again for your review, keeps me going :)