Reviews for "A Desolate Place (short loop)"


...I love mindcalmers. I....I do....I...I feel like sleeping. I feel like adding this to my favorites...I feel like giving a 5...I feel like listening to this all day...

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Haha, thanks Akitta.

fuckin awesome sounding acoustic

mic'd or direct?

realy full sound but it doesnt seem to loop acurately

speedmetalmessiah responds:

I used my MXL 990 to mic my acoustic.

I know it doesn't loop well, mostly because it has to be in mp3 format. Though I wouldn't doubt that I cut it a little long. Thanks for the review.


I really like the harmonies and the cluster chords in this; sounds very solid. Reminds me a little of the opening to Pantera's cover of Planet Caravan on the Far Beyond Driven album.

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Holy shit, I missed this one by ages. Sorry man. Thanks a lot for the review.

Hope to see more of you around Newgrounds.

Bout time!

You made something new man, even that short. Like the sound of your guitar, pretty sweet but...what's that background shizzl? You breathing? XD

Anyways, still a 5 from me. :)

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Hahaha, yeah. It's a combination of me breathing and the sound of the stool I was sitting on squeaking. Damn condenser mic really picks up everything. I need to start sitting on something padded that doesn't squeak.

Oh yes. Oh yes yes yes.

This is excellent, you got that tone, and them phrasing skills man.
The looping is spot on too, it feels like the intro to a song.

Nice stuff, you should have a shot at a full acoustic song at some point.

speedmetalmessiah responds:

Holy hell, I haven't heard from you in a while. Nice to know you're still alive. Also I will be extending this one with the help of MaestroRage. So it should be interesting to see how it turns out. Thanks for the review man.