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Reviews for "Getter Robo A Go Go"

OMFG! That was cool.

The part where the black dude died, that was funny. If you see in my profile there is a confederate flag, which means im a racist, so i like movies and games where blacks get tortured, killed, and beaten down. Over all it was good.


Starvengers Rule

hahaha, BRILLIANT! i used to live in Hong Kong and I've only met one other person in my life that has seen Starvengers. wot a show.

my hat off to you, that was awesome.

btw, any idea were i can get a copy of starvengers? my old tape is completly fucked!

if only there was a gundam jesus???

the music and multiple endings were cool,especially your ending with the pillows song and the boat named after that faggot cockaroach that dances. SCREW THE FEDDIES AND HAIL ZEON!!!


That was pretty fucking funny. The getter robo style face shot was priceless.

Only REAL men have cars that can turn into robots.

A funny parody, executed perfectly. That black guy was either stoned or lacking sleep, and either of the two can make you try to make your car a Get Machine. Very funny, man!