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Reviews for "Getter Robo A Go Go"

A great Getter Robo parody!

Very interesting. I have seen Getter Robo, but I don't think I've seen it enough to do something that crazy. It would be pretty funny if the cars really did turn into a Getter Robo. I always love a good mecha anime parody, especially on old school titles like Getter Robo and Mazinger Z.


I have never heard of this Getta of which you speak but I now know that I MUST track down and watch this show. MUST I SAY!!


Even though I´ve never, ever actually SEEN Getter Robo, I get a pretty good feeling for what it´s about, cause I myself like giant robots, and wish for nothing else than having my own. Preferably with a cool song, like this movie, and a cool transformation sequence...alas, those dreams will probably never be realized, except in my own twisted little mind.

Cute graphics, good voices, SUPA-PA cool songs...and transforming robots, plus EEVIL agents tat aren´t what they appear to be. This odd little movie has all the right ingredients. Salutations to you.

Wonder of that kid really IS a racist, or if he´s just fishing for attention...


Trailer Park trash rednecks like your movie!!



That was pretty fucking funny. The getter robo style face shot was priceless.