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Reviews for "Getter Robo A Go Go"

Only REAL men have cars that can turn into robots.

A funny parody, executed perfectly. That black guy was either stoned or lacking sleep, and either of the two can make you try to make your car a Get Machine. Very funny, man!

What a parody!

Again, Mutant_Buster, your Flash amuses me.

1. Graphics: Since you do some hand drawings this time, there should be some credits on it.
2. Style: How you can relate planes with cars. And the alternatives ending.
3. Sound: Ah, the classic Getter music. :)
4. Violence: Getter-change failure. :P
5. Interactivity: Given choices of alternatives ends of four, and can be reselected.
6. Humor: My stomach nearly bursts when I saw the "Red Car"."Oh no, boy! Calm down, boy! They are gonna do it!" "Kaboom!" :lol:

Overall= Being a good parody, this tells the kids that Getter Machines are for professionals. Please don't try to Getter-Change yourself.:D

not bad

not bad at all


Never have I ever seen a Super Robot movie as funny as this. Bravo to you, sir. I hope to see more movies like this from you soon.

Keep Trying

Nice job, man. Keep it up.