Reviews for "Ezio from Assassins Creed 2"


This is a very good drawing of ezio... i am a great assassine fan...5 stars

Ps: i ve build a working hidden blade for my own^^


Amazing!!! You happen to be my favorite artist on Newgrounds. Keep up the good work!

LoveLaurenn responds:

thank you so much! i really appreciate the support and im glad you like my art!

Very Nice more like 9 1/2 i think lil better then9

Try working with Darker pencils maybe. It is a very skillful drawing and very nice but it could use a little more Artistic Value. For those of you who read this and not know what it means it means that the darks need to be darker and lights be lighter. But other then that it is very good.

LoveLaurenn responds:

like i said.. i did it with a mechanical pencil.. because thats all i had.. and those things are hard enough to draw with as it is. but yes i agree


this is so awesome if i could i would give it a 20/20, keep going dude!

LoveLaurenn responds:



thats relly great man 5/5 for all of ur art ,,,,just one Q ,,wht the heck is a mechanical pencil is it like a normal pencil or wht cuz thats truly somthing

LoveLaurenn responds:

a mecanical pencil is the pencils that require you to put led into them, and when u need more led you push the button to push it out. theyre hard to draw with, very hard to shade with so i have to dirty my fingers up alot.