Reviews for "Ezio from Assassins Creed 2"

Simply amazing

If this is you "rusty" and with a mechanical pencil, I can't wait to see you with a drawing pencil and on a good day! Please make more Assassins Creed type drawings.


omg i luv all of ur drawings its just amazing plz replie i may have sent u a pm message :DDDDDDDDDDD

Great!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but.

This is AWESOME AND SO COOL i can do better (just saying not many ppl can do something like this and this is SO good out of many artists) just need to work on dat face......


Certainly light years better than anything I could do. I think this is a beautiful character design and that you copied it very well. However, I suggest you find something other than copying other art to do. That reflects little creativity on your part and makes you seem a lousy artist. Especially in the sense of an artist whose art is not merely visual, which I believe is the best kind.

LoveLaurenn responds:

thanks for the insult wrapped in a compliment. to say i copied is harsh because i recreated it i didnt copy. and i dont think im a lousy artist although i lack creativity but to be honest i have no creativity. thats just me. so instead i draw other ideas and recreate them. some like some dont. this is the kind of artist i am. i have no imagination but i am far from being a lousy artist. thanks for the feedback

its very nice but...

build your drawings, dont copy mindlessly, seriously.

LoveLaurenn responds:

like i said to the other guy. i did not cpoy this.. my definition of copying is tracing. i used the idea and recreated it yes and i free handed this as i do all my art.