Reviews for "Sheriff"


Hypnotic dick movement...I-just-can't-take-away-my-eyes-apart-of-it...waaaaaa...
it is...awesome...I would call it...Madness: Dick-tation or Madness: Penis-nation...something like...that...I love it...


No Im not gay

Do your dick hang low?

I remember seeing this in the "Swingers Collab" and thought it was really good. Sarcasm aside, this is sincerely a good picture. And no, I'm not gay or anything. I just think that everything is done very well in this and it's not often that I review moving gifs. It's about the closest I'll ever get to reviewing a flash cartoon on the art portal. It sure has been forever since the Shieriff appeared in the series as I think he was only in two episodes and the game.

Well, Tricky was shown with a giant penis in one cartoon and now him. It's interesting to see what a really slick style you put into this. I think that if a penis was that big, it probably would swing like that. I'm hoping that thing doesn't poke him in the eye or at least hit him in the head. Hey, I just realized he has no pubes.


I love this so much.


That's a pretty big dick!
Yeah, I wonder what all the girls are thinking looking at that.