Reviews for "Typho"

Oh... my...

This is by far the BEST piece of work ON EARTH. Congrats 'Sir' ZJ.

I'm sure in no time the mona lisa guy will be forgotten.


ZJ responds:

Thanks dude.

XD Nice try, my friend... It's so bad that it's good so far...

ZJ responds:

I love you.

Your banned?

Surprised you got banned from the art portal. I only know one person who got banned and it was for a good reason.

What I like about the drawing is it makes no sense. His legs are mutated snakes, his wings are all messed up and uneven, you have his arms labeled east and west, and I can't tell if thats fire coming out of his eyes or its just his eyebrows.

Its so simple that it looks like a 3 year old drew it. Im sorry if that insults you but I love simple art like this. The way you filled it in looks like you scribbled and did it in 10 seconds.

And when authors sign there name on the art there making like in the corner, I like how you did hat and it makes you look silly. I love this art just cause how crappy it is.

Drawings - 5
Colors - 3
Details -3
Overall - 3.66666667 (rounded to 4)

ZJ responds:

Your review has touched me in ways I cannot even begin to describe.


Sorry bro, but this looks like something a little kid drew. The fact that you wrote your name and age on it like that makes it even worse. The scribbling and the labeling....I don't really know what kind of feedback you're looking for here. Did you really even try to make this? Is this a joke?

ZJ responds:

This is not a joke. This is my pièce de résistance.


Sorry, scribblings like this won't get you scouted. The art portal is for quality drawings, not stuff like what you present here.

I have to agree with SeeD419, this picture looks like if a 4 year old drew this and all this lableing makes the picture even worse. Don't lable the drawings, leave room for interpretations to the viewer.

Also, if you colour your drawings make sure you get an even colouring. The creature in the picture still has some blank spots while other parts of the body are coloured in a dark green (and yet other parts are a lighter green). This does really look very childish.

Then, there are no backgrounds. Just a white canvas. Apart from the mountain tops where the creature is standing on (which too looks very bad) there's not much else to see in the picture.

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ZJ responds:

I regret nothing.