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Reviews for "The Slaughter"


that was good


nice as allways

"Pretty Sweet"

Awesome song. Loving it's five minute length, after to listening to alot of your shorter songs it is refreshing to hear a longer song. Sorry, they're great and all, but the shorter songs you guys have just leave me thirsty for more. Even though I know t is often harder to come up with longer songs. Keep it up.

Im trying to get our band's songs on here as well, and Im wondering, what recording materials did you use to record this song. Of course if it is a recording studio there is no way we would be able to record like that. Not exactly famous yet, ya know?


sweet vocals throughout the song and nice lyrics. wish more people would put lyrics in there songs that they post on here.


Keep on rocking man :D

ChucksNation responds:

We will!