Reviews for "Deep Space Rhythm"


five indeed

ragingmullet responds:

High Fives all around.


Slap me 5! Slap me 10! Now round the side! And back again!

ragingmullet responds:

Ahahah, awesome indeed ;P

like many others

like many other who have listened to this i love it!

ragingmullet responds:

Wooohoo! That's what I was going for. Thanks for the review.

Very Nice

At first it does seem too fast but if you actually listen and let your ears adjust its a masterpiece of the genre in my opinion. Great job

ragingmullet responds:

Thanks a million! I like to think the drums shine in this piece.

Great job!

cool and fast paced
i don't get tired of listening to it like i do most songs

ragingmullet responds:

Woot! Thanks mate.