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Reviews for "All Your Candy"

Could have been better....

No pie man, what is wrong with you? Need blood from the clocks, and maybe different animations as the clocks get beaten up like bruises and whatnot. You should be able to beat up bio clock as well.

Good job, and u kept this a secret too.


Pretty good

I liked this, i had some fun with it. Maybe add in a high score record or something...oh and for some reason i couldnt hit the guy shaped like the bomb...maybe its supposed to be like that or something, i dunno. but he just didnt take hits when i attacked. oh maybe add in increasing difficulties or something, i had like 140 candy and just didnt really feel like continuing...so maybe some more depth or some such. i dunno...all in all, i liked it. 4/5


It's nice an all, but i gor booring. You just hit some bobmclocks, appleclocks, and some weird yellow square clock... I got 160 candy and got bored... Nice game thou...


its to ez.....I would of gotten more but it just got a little boring and repetitive...maybe if you could accually fight bioclock and the other clocks could fight fight back a little it would be a little more entertaining....


I get to beat the living shit out of clocks, yaaaaaay! I've always wanted to do this! Thank you for makin this game. I'll play it every time I see pube muppet (or mupit, depending on which author uses him), or something really gay that the CC makes.