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Reviews for "All Your Candy"

Secksayest. Game.


dedededededededededededededede dededededededededed

I stole 500 on my first try bich.

fun game!

good game, but i think there's a major issue on about where teh character stands. if he's on the wrong position, you can't hit the enemies, and so, the character can't hit the clocks, and take the candy. in odrer to do that, you must be in around the same position as your enemy, and try the front, or back-wards hit.

perhaps you could make him(the character) only move left an' right, but other than that, it's an amazing game!

also, it should have a goal, like get 100 ''candys'' if you want to end the game, and have a bonus scene, or a fun little ending, like his enjoying the candie's, or getting caught by the police afterwards...

it's a good game, and worthy on being in the cc collection.
good stuff, do more!


OGM, I FELT just liek josh bedn stealing all the cadnies!


Best candy stealing clock batting game, EVAR!

And oh man, after playing that game for about 10 minutes, and EVEN AFTER CLOSING THE GAME WINDOW, it feels like Bio is watching me... ITS LIKE I HAVE A BIOLOGICAL CLOCK POLICE MAN locator BAR, in the top left corner of MY BRAIN!

Fun Game

I havent noticed this in the other reviews... But I couldnt hit the bomb clock! I really really tried. Maybe its just my poor gaming skills but I repeatedly tried to hit the bomb clock but hit nothing but air.