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Reviews for "All Your Candy"

hehe, what can I say?

I'm a sucker for Beating the shit out of kids with a Bat and stealing candy =D

I mean, come on, like, yeah ;)

Hihi good job, it looks really slick. It would have been fun to see some blood or fruit juice in there when you bat them :)
ANd it needs a "back" button during the credits for sure! Update it now!

aaaaaaw come on : )

Good jaerb my man, good jaerb :)


Love your work man. And I agree with Matt that you did a good job keeping it under wraps, hell I couldn't do that.

I also found a spelling mistake, you have "steil" instead of "steal".

Ans lastly the writing is a bit hard to read, its probably just my shitty ass monitor but you could make it all bold or use a different font. :)

Go Starfish!

Err... fruit.

Looks good, man.

Still a lil slow, but good nevertheless.


StarCleaver responds:

Shrikey, you're the reason i added the quality button. Its all for you! :)

ha ha ha ha

great fun game got 1000 candy no lie