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Reviews for "All Your Candy"

Could have been better....

No pie man, what is wrong with you? Need blood from the clocks, and maybe different animations as the clocks get beaten up like bruises and whatnot. You should be able to beat up bio clock as well.

Good job, and u kept this a secret too.


Oh yes.

I'm in ecstasy. Well, almost. Great job great job.
A few typos, like misspelling "Cadny" as "Candy" and "quuick" but great job. Effort pays off in the end -- look at your score!

Best game ever. Ever ever ever. Akashdf.


OGM, I FELT just liek josh bedn stealing all the cadnies!


Best candy stealing clock batting game, EVAR!

And oh man, after playing that game for about 10 minutes, and EVEN AFTER CLOSING THE GAME WINDOW, it feels like Bio is watching me... ITS LIKE I HAVE A BIOLOGICAL CLOCK POLICE MAN locator BAR, in the top left corner of MY BRAIN!


Hahaha, Great! Good Job!!1

Good Job to everyone that created this Movie!

Its the Hard work, and dedication by NG Users that makes this community so great.

Great Graphics, Great Sound, Very Interactive, Very, Very Funny! (5!!!)


gotta love the useage of the word "Cadny." Of course I gave it all 10's. Why wouldn't I? :)