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Reviews for "All Your Candy"

wasn't great.

Too repeatative. No difficulty rising and gets boring very quickly. I'm not to fond of the Clock Crew in the first place, so beating them up was probably the best thing about this game. The noises they made could have been better too.

Go Starfish!

Err... fruit.

Looks good, man.

Still a lil slow, but good nevertheless.


StarCleaver responds:

Shrikey, you're the reason i added the quality button. Its all for you! :)

Pretty good

I liked this, i had some fun with it. Maybe add in a high score record or something...oh and for some reason i couldnt hit the guy shaped like the bomb...maybe its supposed to be like that or something, i dunno. but he just didnt take hits when i attacked. oh maybe add in increasing difficulties or something, i had like 140 candy and just didnt really feel like continuing...so maybe some more depth or some such. i dunno...all in all, i liked it. 4/5


Love your work man. And I agree with Matt that you did a good job keeping it under wraps, hell I couldn't do that.

I also found a spelling mistake, you have "steil" instead of "steal".

Ans lastly the writing is a bit hard to read, its probably just my shitty ass monitor but you could make it all bold or use a different font. :)