Reviews for "Fetish"

Fish feeding

Wow was this a fish feeding haha no but really this was a nifty design you have here and some nice element of creation good creativity with the fish and bowl some really nice work here I still think the background could use more to it some design back there would be nice

Some background design or pattern would be really cool


Defines it

Well, it's a big hard to say whether this is good or bad. I guess in the strictest sense, it's probably good because the artwork isn't that bad. What I didn't like was, well, it's one of those things where it's hard to find stuff you like or not. It's like Roger Ebert's review of "The Human Centipede". I am sure there is a fetish like this around somewhere, given Rule 36. This actually looks like the kind of artwork that would be featured on a Hallmark greeting card.

Granted, you'd have to be one sick person to buy it, but it's rather colorful. I always thought that your name sounded like goldfish as fish are featured in this. I'm guessing it's more of a fish food up your butt fetish? Hey, it's still not as deranged as "2 girls 1 cup" at least. It's cool how the panties are worn in a fashion like that.

You earn a free vagina for this masterpiece!

(|) <------ Here is it! Enjoy!


its cool


Is it eating her or is it eating him?