Reviews for "Sunday School 06"

Probably one my favorites.

*** What I liked***
Lol Eric just keeps getting stupider. the whole sugar idea is halarious

***What needed improvement***
Hmm the bag of sugar at the end would make a good easter egg.

A classic episode of Sunday School.


"I will not have you do my job and violate that sugar bag" too bad but i cant think of anything to improve on lol your doing great job


Let me get this straight?

He got a sugar pack pregnant?

EricSullivan responds:

No, the sugar bag had moved on since then and was "impregnated" by someone else.
I actually meant to explain that in the episode itself. It was in fact, Christy's dog that supposedly "impregnated" the sugar. I never put that in because I thought it was a little too weird... being that the episode was already weird enough as is.

my overall favorite

This entire series is excellent even though the drawlings, animation, and voice acting can be a little awkward

Its hilarious every single time

Good work :D

IT'S BACOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!