Reviews for "koschei the immortal"


This Art is Really Alive.
The use of Colour is Awesome.
Artist is very Talanted and the Art is Impressive.

Totally in awe

This is simply breath taking, I can't describe how good it is.
I love it all; the clothing, the clouds, the lighting the list goes on. It's truly phenomenal.

This is Beautiful

The use of color and the fact that it is dark but u feel like light is really shining from behind or with in him wow. not easy to do. this is a great piece of art and deserves recongnition. Very impressive and better then most pre renassaince artists. This is a reall Work of Art


epic, just fucking epic.


this is amazing, recently ive been worried that visual art is harder to appreciate than other art forms but this made me feel differently on the subject... i really like it.. i was staring at it for ages haha.. and the word immortal totally made me think..... fucking amazing, i dont know why i like it so much. you should try and paint a massive version of this and put it somewhere high, or print it on a massive canvas that would be so mad.