Reviews for "Paper Mario - Angry Bowser rmx"

Not to be rude or anything but...

The song won't play at all D: I'm giving you a 10 assuming that the song is good. I hope that WHATEVER cause this problem get pwned/fixed ASAP.

One word.....



Thx alot!
That helped my movie (even though my movie whas crap!). It had a catchy a nd i thought it whas very enjoyable!


I just now got done playing some paper mario on the Wii, and I heard this song. This remix is great, and contains a bit of irony for me. :)

which paper mario is it?

make that clear

ShadowBowserTrx responds:

I just named it "paper mario" because it is the FIRST. Otherwhise I would name it paper mario 2 (paper marioTTYD) or SUPER paper mario!