Reviews for "Super Smash Bros. Starfox"


I like how you made sound military-ish.

The Beginning Intro brought me back..

It rushed my mind with playing videogames as a kid.. you did a nice job considering it's your second song. Kudos and cheers!

it does let me remember a funny cheat...

fox,falco can use an special greeting.
just go to one of the fields they have (airplanes)
and then just do with the cross piece:
< > < > < >
until he does something. (takes about 6-8 seconds)
then he calls his friends =-) (not to battle ofcourse....)
PS. 1 use per battle can be activate this move.

I loved that stage!

This music was almost a perfect match!
It was very good, and made me nostalgic!
I loved the original Super Smash game...
I could listen to this all day!
Great. Very pleasing to my ears.
A perfect 10/10!
<A very satisfied Lunar>

Sorrow-316 responds:

Thanks! =D


Yep, this owns. :)