Reviews for "Sega Speedway"

It's average

It wasn't bad, but it was faaaaaar from good. Too little happened and what did happen during the race was too far apart. I realized who was going to win halfway through the movie.

Although, you go the old "SEGA!" opening, and that's fuckin cool.

Nick-Gates responds:

farrr as in....mario's style from far from winning? that kinda far? lol..im so stupid!

The Clip!

This was funny....ok I'll explain

You made the other charactors be even be able to be in site of Sonic while he was running? And then HyperSonic got smashed by some freaking baseball thingy guy? Please.

I wouldn't of even gave it a review if you didn't put that music in.


Seemed more like a sprite test than a movie. The framerate was sluggish, should've been a tad faster. Movie has potential if it's fixed up a bit.

what the hell

that was suppose to be sega speedway yet is seemed to have people from nintendo


Luigi is good no doubt but wtf why didnt sonic win hes the man damn this is garbage also i dont like this or u omg remake it or but multiple endings omg