Reviews for "Sega Speedway"


that was cool

Nick-Gates responds:

really? it woz? thx

um... yea..

i think it is called Sega Speedway becuz Sonic (the official Sega mascot) seemed to be the most dominant in the abilty to run with emmence speed am I correct? yea sure i waz almost positive that Sonic would win wen he went Golden Sonic and showed up Luigi right after the time warning and rite be4 the finish line. but that fucking football star dude came charging in lol that waz hilarious. but wtf did nintendo put football dudes in Mario for?? oh well poor Sonic he had it made... and poor Mario... heh hes cool and all but u have to admit hes a horny fat italian bastard that likes to jack off wen ever hes alone lol

this movie was sick man awesum great shit rite here u should make another ;)


i thought it was realy good then again i hang out with to many retro gamers

Nick-Gates responds:



mario,megs&luigi kept up with sonic...hehe...luigi
kept up with super sonic!^_^

Nick-Gates responds:

yeah i guees it is a little dumb!
but you can't expect to see sonic bursting out infront and leaving the rest to rot can u ? lol


That was way cool. Graphics were really good. It was very well animated too. Great idea for a movie. I loved the music, very spiffy. The movie was sorta repetitive though. Not fair that Luigi won, Sonic is cooler! I liked when Sonic changed into super, or hyper Sonic. I really loved this movie anyway. Excellent work. Keep it up!